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Convenient Pet Boarding & Pet Sitting

Relaxed Dog and Cat
Finding someone to care for your pet while you're away is tricky. At Pet Palace in Eden, Maryland, we're committed to providing the best in pet boarding and pet sitting in a comfortable canine- and feline-friendly location. Our air-conditioned and heated kennel also caters to rabbits, birds, hamsters, and other family pets.

Treat Your Pets Like Royalty

Your cat or dog is more than an animal — he or she is part of the family. Here at Pet Palace, we treat every feline and canine guest like royalty. In fact, we not only provide all animals with ample TLC and exercise, but we happily provide food and baths, too. If your pet has special dietary requirements or medication, our professionals are happy to accommodate those needs. Simply provide the meds or food.
Contact us for the highest quality pet sitting and boarding so you can travel without worry.